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The Sanbot Elf is the perfect blend of human and machine. An ergonomic design fitted with the latest technology. Every interaction with Sanbot provides the optimum robot experience.

Easily attract a large
volume of customers

Catch people's eye, attract a crowd and engage potential clients in a unique way like never before.

Perfectly suited for
learning environments

In nursery schools, special needs schools, primary, secondary and beyond, Sanbot can help educate students of all academic levels.

A modern asset for
medicine and healthcare

Sanbot provides constant monitoring and a means of communcation with people requiring healthcare.

Sanbot elf is an intelligent, cloud-enabled service robot

The Sanbot Elf is the result of years of research and development, and this new platform will unleash the power of cloud-enabled robotics and Al for Retail, Hospitality, Education, Healthcare, and many other customer-oriented industries to deliver smarter and more personalized services.

Developed by Brackenbury’s partners, Qihan Technology, a world leader in Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and video analysis, Sanbot is equipped with sensors and cameras to allow it to understand and communicate with the world - it senses human beings, reads gestures and facial expressions, and responds to voice commands.

Sanbot moves on its base, detecting and avoiding obstacles, raising its arms, turning and nodding its head, displaying colourful lights according to its mood, while all the time its eyes express emotions, and its voice asserts itself, communicating with children and adults. Its HD screen, on its chest, displays programme icons and options, complimenting its voice while carrying out duties.

Sanbot now has a development platform enabling Android software programmers to write bespoke Robotic software using an Open API, thereby tailoring the requirements of their individual schools or businesses. This has opened up unlimited programming potential, and new applications are constantly being brought into Sanbot’s powerful AI and learning capabilities, helping Sanbot to perform more complex tasks.

Sanbot uses top grade electronic and mechanical components and requires no regular maintenance.

Technological peace of mind is ensured by Brackenbury’s professional back-up team,
with its quick response, expertise and unrivalled after-sales service.

What's unique

These are the Highlights

Sanbot open API
Open API
Sanbot open API
Speech Recognition
Sanbot open API
Sanbot open API
Facial Recognition
Sanbot open API
Sanbot open API
App controlled
Sanbot open API
Obstacle Avoidance
Sanbot open API
Voice Localization
Sanbot open API
Social Interaction
Sanbot open API
Data Platforms
Sanbot open API
Automatic recharging
Sanbot open API
Object detection

"Sanbot is already in service in China, offerering flight information to stressed travellers at the airport, patrolling warehouses as a security guard, providing a telepresence for doctors in patient's homes and acting as a fun friend and learning resource for kindergarteners."

Simon Hill Digital Trends

Sanbot robots

Incredible features

The Sanbot uses

The Sanbot Elf utilises a seamless blend of cutting edge technology that provides maximum interactivity, connection and intelligence.

Features include

  • 3D Camera
  • HD Camera
  • HD Touch Screen
  • Touch Sensor
  • PIR
  • Subwoofers
  • Infrared Sensors

Rear view

The combination of these features easily allows the robot to move, talk and interact using an API directly from a computer or smartphone.

Features Include

  • HD Projector
  • Touch Sensor
  • PIR
  • IR Reception Sensor
  • Charger Port
Sanbot robots

Sanbot is perfect for retailers, hoteliers, schools, nursing homes and operators in many other customer-oriented industries to deliver smarter and more personalized services.


How it works

Robot Specification
92 x 30 x 40cm
Lithium battery
Capactity: 20Ah.300W
Running time: 10 hours, Standby: 20 hours
Head: Mic x7, Camera x2, 3D sensor x1 Touch sensor x7
Body: Human body induction x 2, Obstacle detection x 1,Touch Sensor x4, Compass x1, Gyroscope x1
Hand: Obstacle detection x4, Touch sensor x2
Leg: Obstacle detection x10, Omni wheel x3
Head: 2 x DOF 180° horizontal motion, 30° vertical motion
Hand: 1 x DOF +90°/-180°
Base: 3 x DOF 360°
8.0 MP HD camera
1.0MP HD camera with 140° aspheric surface angle
10.1" 1080P, 10pt touch screen
1920 x 720 HD, 60Hz, Aspect ratio: 16:9
360° sound localization
IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n (2.4GHz/5GHz)
Bluetooth4.0, ZigBee
250 colours
0.8m/s max
1.5cm max
Charging Pile Specification
250 x 118 x 248cm
1.35kg (with adapter)
AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
DC 19V/4.75A
Under 30% Around 70% Above 80%
0C ~ +35C
10% ~ 90%
Recharge distance
0-5 meters, 180° signal covering
Sanbot charging station

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“This cute Sanbot is designed to do a wide variety of jobs, will chat with you when you touch it, and do a dance on command.”

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